Hi, I'm Andy and I'm a fly-tie-oholic.
Or more accurately, a fly-tying-material-oholic.
I love tying flies, probably just as much as I love throwing the things to fish. And I love scouting the Internet and fly shops for new fly patterns to tie. And along with that, comes spending lots of time, and even more money collecting new feathers, and threads, and fur, little strands of rubber to tie up that size 1/0 Geezus Lizard fly, or that size 28 midge.
My desk is not very tidy. Not by any stretch of the imagination. At any given time, it looks like a few chickens, a deer, an elk and a sewing shop exploded. But somehow, I manage to find that size 22 grizzly saddle hackle feather or the extra piece of .006" gold wire I need. I guess it's sort of organized chaos.
Tying is a good way for me to unwind and spend time doing something fishing related if I can't be on the river. It's a huge stress reliever for me after a long day at work. I can sit for a whole Saturday wrapping thread around little pieces of metal that will hopefully end up in a fishes mouth, and not high up in a tree branch. I love making things, and I love puzzles, so figuring out how to tie a fly I've never seen before combines both.
When a fish takes that fly I tied, it brings just that much more satisfaction and enjoyment to my time spent on the river.