I remember when I was young, my grandfather got a brand new Nikon N6006. It was the first autofocus camera I'd ever seen, and I wanted to play with his new toy as much as I could. From there, I was in love with photography. I took classes in high school, and when it was time to choose a major in college, my choices were History or Photography. I chose the latter. I studied photography at BYU Idaho, and graduated with a BFA in 2005.

Now, I work for Xytronix, as a Purchasing Manager. I am married to Gina, and we are expecting our first child in November 2016.

Process is a huge part of photography for me. The Lumen process is highly unpredictable. The carbon process is labor intensive and time consuming, but produces gorgeous bas-relief prints. Pinhole cameras have unique characteristics that vary from one camera to the next. I find a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in each of these processes. In one, I can be exact and precise, yet in another, I have a lot more flexibility. Photography for me is the ultimate artistic medium.