New Project and More Photograms

In April this year, my photo teacher from college, Darren Clark, and two friends Jon Long and Theo Hatch and I all went to a stretch of the North Fork of the Snake River near St. Anthony, Idaho. I had no idea what I was going to photograph or how I was going to do it. As Darren parked his car, a fire pit in the middle of the road caught my eye. I had to make a photograph. After that, an idea for a new project occured to me: fire pits. Since then, I have been photographing various fire pits and fire rings made by campers and partiers where ever I find them. Locations range from established fire rings in state funded and maintained campgrounds to rings made out in the middle of nowhere.
The image below (although not the first) was made during our trip to the North Fork.

And, here are more photograms that I have finally tweaked in photoshop. The two on the top were very short exposures: 4 minutes for the top, and 30 seconds for the bottom. Then the third was about an 8 hour exposure (these things really try my patience).