Parks Project Ideas

Monday night some guys from NASA came up to the Idaho Falls Museum to present an award to Nitrocision. My father works there, and the company fabricates liquid nitrogen cutters that can be used in many different applications. Some applications include removing the surfaces off of aircraft carrier decks before they are resurfaced, and removing the insulation material out of the housings for the rockets that propel the solid rocket boosters away from the space shuttle, which is why NASA came up. There has been a space and aeronautical exhibit at the museum and it was pretty cool. But there is a part of the museum that is dedicated exclusively to Idaho's history. There was a book set out full of old photographs of Idaho Falls, and I was thumbing through it and came across some old photographs of Tauphaus Park (a park that I photographed a few times already for my project, and still need to photograph more) dated from the 1950's and earlier. There was even an aerial photograph. The park looks almost nothing like what it looks like today. There was a big dirt race track where horse and car races and rodeos were held, and the only things that survived (atleast what I could easily identify from the photographs) were the Lilac Circle and a waterfall along the Idaho Canal. The rest has been altered significantly.
Looking at these photographs sparked another idea. I want to start contacting the city officials, who ever I would talk to, and ask if I can get some of these old photographs to include in the project. I've been wanting to contact the Parks and Recreation Departments and see if I can get copies of the original designs for these parks (if there are any; some parks I realize probably weren't "designed" by a landscape architect) to include in the project. I think it would be beneficial, at the very least to me, to have these resources, and, if and/or when I show these again, it would be beneficial to the viewer to see a sort of "history" of these parks.