Nissan Pathfinder

I went out car shopping today and found a 98 Pathfinder. All the financing stuff should be finished on Monday or Tuesday. I'm real excited to get it. Going through Provo Canyon and up to Park City won't be so bad this winter.
Winter is pretty well on it's way, I think. All the mountains here got a pretty good dusting last night. I think Park City is high enough that it saw some of the dust as well, which might be bad news for us framers. We're about done with the roof of the house we're working on, and then we get to finish framing up the interior walls in the upstairs and finish out the basement, and finish the porch and deck (which are quite large). And then we have another house to start that will be ready in 2 or so weeks. This new company is really good. It has been a good switch. Except for the coming winter. We could do without the several feet of snow that will be on the ground soon.