Life...Don't talk to me about life.

So...It's been what, 6 months? Yeah, I've been blogging-lazy. Not much real new or exciting has been going on. Just work and coming home and being lazy. Well, until last week. I started camping at our job site that we've been at for about as long as I've been Blogging-AWOL. We've been there about six months and we're not even half way finished. At present, we're projected to be finished in the summer of 2008.
Last week when I camped up at the job site (the owner of the property had a yurt built there, and is gracious enough to let us stay in it), I brought my mountain bike and went for a ride Monday night, and Tuesday and Wednesday night I went for a couple of hikes and found a neat little stream and made a few photographs. Once I get a scanner I can finally start putting up all the TONS of new photographs I've made in the last year or so.