Yesterday I went fishing up Logan Canyon again. Before I hit the river, I went to the local fly shop to get a few flies I was lacking material for to tie myself. Turns out the reason I've been having such bad luck is because I've been going too far up the canyon, and into Brook Trout territory, who, evidently, become quite lethargic and don't like to feed much this time of year. So, I took the advice of the guys at the fly shop and stayed much lower in the canyon where the Browns like to hang out. I went a little past Second Dam, and fished a while with no success, even though I could see the fish in the water. I tried a few different fly patterns, both dry and nymphs, but they still didn't want to bite. After fishing about 200 yards upstream, I went back to where I entered the river, and started fishing downstream. About 60 yards down, I a few hard rises, and after one bad cast, and then one well placed cast, I saw the fish rise. I set the hook, and I knew I had him. He (or she; I don't know how to tell the sex of the fish yet) turned out to be just a young 8 inch Brown, but after 2 weeks of no fish, I finally felt better. And I was even more happy since I'd caught it on one of my own flies. I haven't figured out how to photograph the fish I catch myself—at least the ones I don't keep—so I don't have any pictures of the fish, but at least here's a photograph of the fly I caught it on (size 18 Henry's Fork Hackle Midge):

And since I was already set up for that photograph, I decided to make another (this fly I didn't tie—it was one of the ones I bought yesterday):