Blacksmith Fork

Today I went up fishing in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. I've only been up that canyon once, and it was a year ago, and I really had no idea what the fishing was going to be like. It turns out it was pretty good. I stopped at a few places near the mouth of the canyon to see what the water level looked like and if there were any fish holding anywhere. Eventually I found a nice looking stretch of water. I couldn't see any fish in the water nor did I see any fish rising to any of the small midge flies flying around, and there were some Blue Wing Olive Mayflies starting to come off. So I tied on an F-Fly, and headed upstream. I saw a few fish making their way past me upstream, so I knew there were plenty of fish about, but they didn't want anything to do with whatever I tried casting to them.

After walking and casting about 500 yards upstream I came to a nice bend with a deep undercut bank, and decided to change tactics. I put on a more or less original pattern I tied up this week. It's essentially a stimulator, or stonefly pattern, but instead of peacock herl for the body with a segment of floss, I used peacock ice dubbing for the whole body, with the usually elk hair tail and wing, and brown hackle. I also tied a Copper John to the stimulator to try to get to the fish that I was sure were under the bank.

After a few casts, I missed a hard strike at the stimulator. I made a few more casts without any more rises to the stimulator, and if there were any strikes at the Copper John, I totally missed them. I then took the Copper John off, and replaced it with a CDC Caddis I got at the Snake River Fly Tying Expo a few weeks ago. Two casts later I had a fish on the stimulator. I was surprised at how hard he fought, but I finally landed this nice Brown Trout:

On my way up the canyon, I passed this section of the river just above a dam, and had to make this photograph: