Every Day in May

Chadd VanZanten over at How Small a Trout, the president of the Cache Anglers Trout Unlimited chapter issued a challenge recently to bloggers to post every day in may. So I'm going to accept that challenge, and try to post every day this month. Chadd included a list in his challenge, and being not particularly original, I'll be using that list for topics for posts. Unless I get some grand idea.
I know this blog started out primarily as a place that I would post photographs, but I've also posted about other ventures, as I've gotten back into fly fishing, it's branched pretty heavily into the fishing world. At least when I've posted anything at all. Over the next thirty-one days, I'll be sharing what I've been up to this winter, why I fish, why I tie, why I build my own rods, and there may be a few shameless plugs for my leaders interspersed.
Here's to May!