Sometimes work can be a necessary evil. Don't get me wrong. I like my job. A lot. I work with great people and I have an awesome boss that's been very good to me, and the rest of the employees. But let's face it. Some days I'd just rather be out fishing. Or backpacking. Or fishing and backpacking.
On any given week day, between the hours of eight a.m. and five p.m., you'll likely find me in the production room at Xytronix R & D, Inc., putting printed circuit boards into a machine that automatically places tiny capacitors and resistors in their proper places, then loading those boards into a big oven that heats the boards up to 265 degrees Celsius to melt the solder and solder those tiny parts to the board. Then I go through every board, and look at them under a microscope to inspect the solder joints on all the parts.
It can be pretty monotonous at times. But I still enjoy it. I'm a photographer by education, and I'm working Ina field in which a degree in electrical engineering would be more beneficial. And yet, I've been immensely blessed (sometimes undeservedly so) with a good solid job.
That earns me the money to go fishing.
As much as I love to fish, and need to do so, I also love to work. Working balances out the fishing and backpacking, and the fishing and backpacking balances out the working.