Newton Dam and Cutler Marsh

It's been a while since I went out specifically to photograph, but this afternoon a rain storm rolled through the valley and left behind some pretty dramatic clouds and I couldn't not go out and photograph them.

I'd never been out to Newton Dam before, so that's where I ended up. I've heard that there are Musky out there that I'm going to have to go try and catch once I get the necessary tackle for landing such a toothy fish. Anyway, here are some of the photographs I came away with:


Tree Swing, Newton Dam, Utah, 2012

Cut Bank, Newton Dam, Utah, 2012

Graffiti Angler Sign, Newton Dam, Utah, 2012

After some time at Newton Dam, I swung by Cutler Marsh and made a few more photographs:

Cutler Marsh, Utah, 2012

Reeds, Cutler Marsh, Utah, 2012