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The opening weeks of 2017 have been pretty wild, at least where the weather is concerned. We were hit with a few storms back to back, netting us almost two feet of snow. Then the snow turned to rain for a week last week and almost melted it all. I've been able to get out a few times and photograph, both before and after the rain. With so much snow melting so quickly, there's been flooding in town and the Bear River rose about three feet (disclosure: that measurement is just an eyeball measurement, not anything official from USGS flow data).

Hyrum Gibbons Mount Logan Park, Logan, Utah 2017

Hyrum Gibbons Mount Logan Park, Logan, Utah 2017

Snow Covered Field, Amalga, Utah 2017

Thirty Five Minutes in Amalga

South Logan Benson Canal, Utah 2017

25 Paces North and South Walked 10 Times

Private Property, Amalga, Utah 2017

Submerged Sprinkler, Utah 2017