Island Park Scout Camp

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to my Home of Island Park Scout Camp and spend three days there with my family. I got to help out at my favorite areas of camp: C.O.P.E. and Climbing.

That area of camp has a view of one of the best skylines in the world:

Thursday was pretty much just full of belaying climbers and rapellers at the climbing tower, and generally having a good time at the area I used to work at.
That evening some storm clouds rolled in, that didn't really do much, other than cool things off a little, and make for a nice sky to photograph.

On Friday, Fall River Electric delivered and set two utility poles for one of the Low C.O.P.E. elements that had to be retired until the old poles were replaced. We worked on that for a while, and then went down to lunch. When we got back, storm clouds were rolling in over Sawtell along the west rim of the caldera where Island Park sits.

We watched the clouds above us swirl in several different directions, and the clouds approach from the northwest.

We finally had to evacuate the group that was going through Low C.O.P.E., and run down to the lodge to escape the torrent. Just as we were closing in on the lodge, pea size hail began to fall, and after five minutes it turned to rain, then after 15 to 20 minutes of rain, the storm would let up for a few minutes then hail, then rain then subside.

The storm finally let up enough for me to go check my tent and make sure that I wouldn't be sleeping in a puddle that night, and to run to my car and get my real camera instead of using my phone. All in all I had about 10 minutes before a second set of clouds moved in and dropped more rain on us.

It was the biggest and most torrential storm I'd seen up there, probably ever. At least during the summer.
That evening, the remaining clouds made for a gorgeous sunset.

After everyone had left on Saturday, my family had the entire camp to ourselves, and we got to play around at the waterfront, and I got to cast my new 8 weight fly rod I'd just finished building (a post about that is forthcoming), and we cooked dinner over a campfire. Sunday came too quickly and catapulted me back into civilization, forcing me to bid farewell to my Home.

Island Park

This summer a few of my brothers, and sisters, my mom all worked at Island Park Scout Camp again, and I was able to go spend a week and a half with them and help the staff at camp, and just plain escape civilization and live in a tent for ten days and reset my mind. It felt really good to get away from the heat of Logan, and into fresh air and return home to the Sego Lilies, Sage Brush and Lodgepole Pines, and clear, starry skies. For ten days I didn't have to worry about work, email, rush hour traffic, or anything else I have to deal with in civilization.
Although I didn't get out to fish the Madison or the Firehole or the Henry's Fork or any other river in the area, I did wet my line a couple times in Pete's Puddle in camp and managed to land a few Brook Trout. And I did get my camera out a few evenings.

One of the evenings I snuck away and went to Warm River Springs to make some photographs. The clouds in the sky were pretty amazing, but I couldn't make much of anything with them where I was right then, but I think I came away with a few pretty decent photographs that evening.

Despite quite a bit of drama in camp the last part of the week, it was a real good ten days. On Sunday my brother Lucas and his wife were able to come up, and my brother Jesse's fiance was up there, so all eleven and a half of us Duncans were able to spend some time together up there, and for that afternoon, all was right in the world.
I love how being in that place takes away all worries. But, as all good things must come to an end, camp and my vacation time ended, and life and work will go on.