More Construction Photographs

I got one of the rolls of film developed of all the construction photographs I have been making at the jobs/houses I'm framing, and have been gradually getting them scanned and corrected in photoshop. The goal/plan is to have a good number of prints to bring to the regional SPE conference at the end of October to share with some friends. Here are a few more that I have finished (well, sorta, I still need to work out some color balance issues, but you get the idea):

And, on another note, I've ultimately decided to forego the grad classes at USU, and instead, begin pursuing another degree in Landscape Architecture. It took a LOT of thinking and debating to arrive at the decision, but it's what I think to be best right now. I still may apply to a couple grad schools this winter, but I'm not sure yet. I think I may have my parks project to blame for the decision. I began to notice a lot of things about the layout and placement of plants and paths and such in the landscape, and I have begun reading Frederick Law Olmsteds biography again (I got half way through during the second semester at school last year, and then kind of put it aside at the end of the semester), and it started making me think about a second degree. So I submitted my application to USU for the winter semester, and now I'm just waiting to hear back from them, which may take a little over a month or so, minimum.