Camping Trip

Well this weekend I went up to Island Park to camp and to photograph. It was a much needed trip; for one, I just needed to get out and camp (it had been a LONG time since my last camping trip), and two, I needed to go up there and make some photographs before the snow sets in up there, which is coming quickly. I stopped at all the..."major" sites: Sheep Falls, Harriman State Park, Island Park Reservior, Big Springs, and my favorite, Island Park Scout Camp. All the leaves are changing color up there (and in some spots, have completely fallen off the trees), and it was really pretty.
I borrowed my brothers digital camera and made some photographs to be able to put up here on the blog sooner than if I had just used film (it seems it takes forever for me to get film developed). I hiked down to Sheep Falls, and found a fire ring:

I'm not real sure how old it is. I looked like it had been there a while, but it still caught my eye nonetheless.
Then, I made this photo:
I only made it to pretty much document the change in the position of the log. My friend Darren photographed this waterfall a while ago, and the log has completely changed location. But after looking at the photograph more, I actually kind of like it.