Photographing in Logan Canyon...and Blacksmith Fork Canyon yet again


Today I headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon again to do some fishing, but I broke my leader as I was stretching the coils out of it, and I didn't have any spares, so I decided to head up Logan Canyon and up to Tony Grove to see if Tony Grove Lake was accessible yet or not. It turns out it isn't. There is still a lot of snow on the road about a mile below the lake. I turned the car around and headed back down the mountain. On the way back to the main highway, I saw a small stream from the runoff, and had to see if there were any photographs to be made, and I came away with these:







I'm not sure this is the best way to photograph this tree, but I thought this lone pine tree was rather interesting:

After almost two years I'm finally feeling comfortable with photographing the landscape here around Logan, specifically in Logan Canyon, which has felt somewhat visually claustrophobic to me. It's hard to single subjects out and isolate them the way I like to, but over the last few months I've found it easier to see good photographs.

After I got done photographing along the road to Tony Grove, I headed back down Logan Canyon, and took a detour up Right Hand Fork.
Lately I've really been drawn to photographing scenes with a stationary object that is a relatively minor element in the photograph, with the majority of the objects in the photograph in motion. Like in this photograph:

After I was done in Right Hand Fork, I came back to town, got a few new leaders for my fly line, and replaced the broken one. This evening I returned to Blacksmith Fork Canyon to photograph the dam some more: