City of Rocks

This weekend I went to the City of Rocks and met up with my friend Renee for some rock climbing.
It was a trip 7 or so years ago to photograph in the City that got me into climbing in the first place. Now, 7 years later, I finally have come full circle. Though I only topped out 2 of the 3 climbs I went up, it was a really good trip. One that I needed, for many reasons which I won't bore you with here. This trip marked many firsts in my climbing experience: my first time really climbing on granite (I played around on a few boulders in Little Cottonwood Canyon when I lived in Salt Lake), my first crack climb, my first real liebacks, my first route that was more than 40 feet high, and my time playing around with placing trad gear (I have Renee and a guy in our group to thank for almost all of those achievements). It was an exhausting but highly rewarding trip, both physically, and photographically. Actually, the photographing was exhausting, but it was pretty successful. It'd been about 6 years since my last trip to the City, so it was good to be back. The geologic features eroded into the granite always amaze me.

This is probably my most favorite rock in the City, with perhaps one of the best looking lines to climb. I didn't get to climb that route this trip, but someday I'll climb it.