White Pine Lake

This weekend I escaped to White Pine Lake in the mountains east of Logan. I think I needed this trip more than I needed the City of Rocks trip last weekend. I know I came back a lot more invigorated.
I'd only been to the lake once. It sits in a bowl about four miles north of Tony Grove Lake, and about 6 miles west of the main highway in Logan Canyon. Two mountains sit directly to the north (Mt. Gog) and south (Mt. Magog) of the lake, connected by an arc-shaped band of cliffs. Here's what the area looks like from Google Earth:

I left the parking lot at Tony Grove lake at about 6:45 a.m. yesterday, and arrived at the lake at about 8:38 a.m. I spent the day fishing, and totally getting skunked, napping, meditating, and photographing and just enjoying the gorgeous place I was in.
There were a lot more people and campsites there than I had thought there were, and hoped there would be (people have to camp in established camp sites at the lake). For much of the day yesterday I had to deal with hearing people in the campsite next to me shout at their dog, and other people who didn't know how to build a proper fire, and then put someone's fire out who left it smoldering and smoking. But after about 2 or 3, there were only 3 other groups beside myself, and it got a lot quieter and I was able to enjoy some silence. Once the light got half way decent I got my camera out and made some photographs:

I have to wonder if these cliffs have ever been climbed. There were about four or five real nice looking lines, with a lot of variety in the moves to get up the rock. The photograph doesn't really do them justice, but I had to photograph them anyways.

Mt Magog:

I like to photograph my camp sites when I'm out on the trail, and this time I thought it would be fun to make a self portrait out of it:

All in all, it was a great 29 hours in the woods that I wish hadn't had to end.